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Being part of a community of other women who understand what it's like to experience infertility and/or loss is priceless.  Check out the support group options to get connected.

In the Marietta, GA Area?

Check out North Metro Church's Infertility and Loss support group.  Explore this link for further details:


In the Woodstock, GA area?

You'll feel seen and heard when you connect with Renee Evans.  Find out more about her group here:


Need an online group?

Sarah's Laughter has an online group.  Or feel free to explore other groups by state:


Sarah's Laughter Podcast

You'll find encouragement and relatability when you listen to the Sarah's Laughter podcast.  Beth Forbus interviews a variety of guests who share about their infertility journeys:

Get in Touch

Feel free to get in touch with me directly by emailing

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