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What are you waiting for?

Are you familiar with the Dr. Seuss book titled “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”?  There’s a page in the book that describes “The Waiting Place”:

The Waiting Place…

…for people just waiting.

Waiting for a train to go or a bus to come, or a plane to go, the mail to come, or the rain to go or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow or waiting around for a Yes or a No or waiting for their hair to grow.

Everyone is just waiting.

Waiting for the fish to bite or waiting for wind to fly a kite or waiting around for Friday night or waiting, perhaps, for their Uncle Jake or a pot to boil, or a Better Break or a sting of pearls, or a pair of pants or a wig with curls, or Another Chance.

Everyone is just waiting.

NO! That’s not for you!

Somehow you’ll escape all that waiting and staying.

You’ll find the bright places where Boom Bands are playing.

Can you relate?  It seems like we’re all waiting for something in life (myself included!).  I’ve noticed that the longer I wait for something, the more focused I become on it.  And in doing so, I begin to lose sight of the present moment.  I can also lose sight of everything that God is doing in my life.  It’s as though I put on glasses that can only look for evidence on what I’m waiting for, rather than also seeing the other good and amazing things that God is doing in my life.

I’ve also noticed that my timing is not God’s timing.  When I’m waiting on something to happen it often doesn’t happen on my timeline or even how I think it’s supposed to happen.  It keeps me humble to realize that I’m not in control, but I know the One who is.  Isaiah 55:8-9 NLT says, “‘My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,’ says the Lord. ‘And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.  For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.’”  Waiting consistently shows me that timing isn’t up to me.

Let’s break out of the pages of the Dr. Seuss book and not be known as someone who’s just waiting.  Let’s be known for consistently reflecting on God’s goodness and knowing that life is good, even in the midst of waiting.  I’d love for you to share in the comments, what is something good that’s happening in your life while you’re waiting?  In what ways are you thankful that you have God’s sovereign timing and ways in your life?

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1 Comment

Mar 27

I loved the reference to the glasses that only see evidence of what I'm looking for - as we miss so much of what God is doing in other areas! Thanks for your support for a community with such need!

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