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Prescription for a Cheerful Heart

I love reading the Proverbs. It seems that no matter what age or season of my life I walk away with a nugget that applies to something I’m experiencing. Proverbs 17:22 recently stood out to me, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a persons strength.” I can find myself at times going through my day with too serious and attitude, trying to solve all the worlds problems and wondering how I’ll manage to keep up with all of life’s expectations. A friend (thanks Gwen!) recently told me about Nate Bargatze and his clean humor. I knew I needed to check him out and enjoy a moment of laughter. And he did not disappoint. I had a good moment of belly laughs on the couch with Denis. It truly was good medicine. My heart felt lighter afterward. Another form of laughter that I often turn to is pinning jokes on Pinterest. The “punnier” the better. Laughter seems to dispel stress and melt away the layers of seriousness that can hold too tight a grip on us at times. I believe that God made humor and wants us to use it to laugh and enjoy our lives. What are some ways you’ve found a good laugh recently? I would love to hear below in the comments.

PS: Enjoy this link to Nate Bargatze’s recent performance:

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