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God is in Our Boat

Weather here in Georgia can be quite weird at times and last night was no exception. At 2:15am the tornado warning sirens went off alerting us to take shelter. The three of us sleepily made our way downstairs and I made a little pile of items in case we needed them (flashlight, water, etc.). We watched the news as the meteorologist showed the path of the storm which was heading our direction. Olivia naturally had lots of questions which we obliged. Fear is natural in any storm, especially for a little kid. We assured her that we were together, and we would be safe. We prayed for protection and care for us and our community. I could watch her sweet frame melt in relaxation as we prayed, knowing that we were placing our trust in God.

It reminded me of a time when I was little and a thunderstorm with excessive amounts of rain was making its way through our community. At the time we were living in a subdivision with homes that all had basements. Anytime that excessive rain came it was common for our homes to have rainwater seep into our basements causing anywhere from mild to excessive flooding, causing water damage and unpleasant cleanup. Being established neighbors it was also common for them to call each other during these times to alert other families to be on the lookout of their own basements to prevent or try and control any leaking. On this particular night we were settled into the living room watching a family movie and the first phone call from a neighbor came in. My Mom answered. Our neighbor alerted her that their basement had begun to flood and that they should go check on our basement too. My Mom responded in kindness for the phone call and hung up. She calmly and confidently declared to us that Jesus was in our boat and would take care of our basement. I watched as neither of my parents got up to check on the basement. They simply pressed play and we continued with the show. Moments later another phone call came in, this time a different neighbor. Their sub-pump couldn’t keep up with the amount of rain coming into their basement and they would be cleaning up damage being done. My Dad, who had answered the phone this time, responded with gratitude for the phone call and hung up. Again, neither or them got up to check on our basements. They declared that God was in our boat and the movie continued. I was amazed to witness such a strong faith. A moment when others were focused on the storm, they were focused on God’s presence and nearness. The next morning when we went into the basement it was completely dry.

So last night as the three of us snuggle into respective spots on the couches for the rest of the night I was reminded of our choice as parents. We could display and respond to our fear of what could be, or we could place our trust in God, knowing that He heard our prayers and would protect us. After we all had a chance to calm down from the excitement of the experience we turned out all the lights and drifted back to sleep as the storm continued to pass through. I thanked God as I laid there with my family close by that I had the opportunity to witness bold, strong faith when I was a kid and I now had the opportunity to pass that same faith onto Olivia.

Friends, no matter what storm life might bring your way be encouraged that fear and anxiety is normal. That’s what makes us human and what drives us to recognize that we need God. We can’t weather life’s storms well without first recognizing who God is and placing our trust in Him. Pray and know that God is always with you in your boat.

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1 Comment

Jan 30, 2021

Love this! I'm excited to subscribe to your blog. I anticipate reading your posts. Knowing your heart for God and love for people, I'm sure each one will be a blessing!

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