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An Ode to Charlie

In honor of National Dog Day - here's to you Charlie:

You sat quietly in your pen at the shelter in summer

Having no family right now was such a bummer.

Your fur was overgrown and your tongue was hanging out

But the wag in your tail would leave no room for doubt.

You were the cutest and sweetest with a heart full of love,

Whomever would adopt you would be blessed from above.

We rounded the corner with dogs barking all around

But you sat quietly in your pen not making a sound.

The moment I saw you my heart instantly knew

You’d be part of our family, by four paws we just grew.

The adoption papers were filed and completed with care

And soon after we made sure you were groomed for the affair.

Coming home you found comfort on the couch and your bed

But your favorite place of all was our laps to rest your head.

You moved with us to different cities over the years

And you’ve been a good listener when life brought us tears.

You’re the cutest dog ever with your fur soft and fluffy

And your curly tail waving every time we wave a stuffy.

You get skiddish anytime something gets dropped

And you’d eat your weight in food if the servings never stopped.

You’re getting older in age and needing a little more care

But you’re never without love and extra love pats to spare.

You bring joy to our lives in a way we could have never imagined

So here’s to you dear Charlie, one of the best dogs who ever happened.

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